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Wine Ranges Alt

Field of Mars

Field of Mars 2015 Collection

This outstanding collection is presented in a badged wooden crate & includes

2 x Single Vineyard Block 2a Semillon 2013

Rated 96points, Huon Hooke

Rated 96 points, Tyson Stelzer; Included in Wine Business Magazine’s ‘Wines of the Year’

2 x Single Vineyard Block 6 Chardonnay 2013  

96 points James Halliday

Included in The 2015 Australian Wine Companion ‘Best of the best by variety’

2 x Single Vineyard Block 1 Shiraz 2011

96 points James Halliday & Huon Hooke

Huon Hooke’s highest rated Australian Shiraz from 2011

“Field of Mars” is our parade ground. This single vineyard, collection epitomises the highest quality with limited bottles produced of each variety, Semillon, Chardonnay & Shiraz. Selected from precise sub sections of our best vineyard blocks these wines show outstanding varietal expression and true historical & regional identity.

Over the years we have recognised the consistent quality of particular parcels of fruit. These are hand picked from rows, or even panels of vines, where the fruit characters are more pure, more intense, and brighter than elsewhere on the Estate. Originally we selected only three micro-selections; a small Semillon parcel “Block 2a”(0.5 acres), a close planted Chardonnay parcel “Block 6”( 0.5 acres), and a section of our Shiraz vineyard, Block 1.

The 40 year old white varieties are on the deepest drifts of fine river-sand, and produce the purest expression of both Semillon and Chardonnay. In 2011 we also classified another Semillon plot, Block 3. This block is barely 20 metres away from Semillon Block 2a, divided by a stream bed. Even over such a short space, the wines are strikingly difference, yet both are delicate and classic in their own right.

The old vine Shiraz is located on the heaviest clay-loam section of our property, and this gives more power, depth, and black-currant intensity than our other Shiraz sites.

This range includes Semillon, Chardonnay & Shiraz.

“Field of Mars” was a field on the outskirts of ancient Rome, on the banks of the Tiber River. It was the training grounds for the Roman Legions, and with the Roman successes of conquest became the parade-grounds for celebrations of victory.

The Family Collection

For Amanda and I, our wine business is a reflection of who we are.If you’ve seen us at our Cellar Door or Winery, or joined us at a Wine Dinner or Event, you’ll know what I’m talking about. We are our brand, and as such we enjoy a warm and friendly association with many people.

As a Winemaker my aim has always been to make wines that show the best characteristics of the variety, the area, and the vintage. Looking even deeper, wine is made to show personality, and that is the key to generating great wines that show special elements of style and flair.

“The Family Collection” is my collection of wine “art-works”. The Kester – is the most like me; The Doctor – more like my father; and the most recent addition to “The Family Collection”, and certainly the most refined and enchanting, is The Wife.

Each wine expresses the colour, vibrancy, depth, energy, complexity, charm, and character of the people I love the most.

The Family Collection consists of three Shiraz, The Kester, The Wife &The Doctor.

Individual Vineyard

The Individual Vineyard is the holy-grail for winemakers, to find particular synergy between site and grape. In the words of Lisa Perotti-Brown MW  “a wine should only be classified as a ‘single vineyard’ wine if it represents a “thoughtfully delineated example of elevated quality that stands apart from that which surrounding vineyards can achieve and expresses something, well, singular.”

We have three single vineyard origin wines in the Keith Tulloch Wine stable, that have been allocated to our “Individual Vineyard” range. The Shiraz from Tawarri Vineyard (Upper Hunter on the Merriwa Plateau) and both the Chardonnay & Pinot Noir from Gairn Vineyard (Alpine Tumbarumba ) are both from very special sites and have an exceptionally high pedigree of quality. These individual sites have unique personalities that come across in the fruit on the vine, which in turn translates into wine of exquisite character.

Achieving the ultimate in quality each vintage is the case of finding the right site for the right varieties, identifying the right vineyard owners, who attend their vines with almost obsessive-compulsive care.

With the care of their growers these individual vineyards make singularly beautiful wines with striking varietal purity.

This range includes Gairn Chardonnay ,Gairn Pinot Noir from Tumbarumba & Tawarri Shiraz from the highest peaks of the Hunter.


The Estate range is the mainstay of our production at Keith Tulloch Wine. These wines are made to epitomise the real character of the Hunter, drawn from our own Estate in the middle of Pokolbin’s heartland. For these, we draw fruit from our own 30 acre vineyard property, as well as from other old-vine vineyards in the surrounding area.

An exception to this Single vineyard / Estate label philosophy is the “Forres-Blend”, which is a Bordeaux style wine put together using three different varieties sourced from three different grape areas. Typically a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Petit Verdot, the “single vineyard” fruit selection includes a smal parcel of Barossa, as well as Hilltops and the Hunter Valley.

This range includes Semillon, Chardonnay, Forres BlendShiraz, Botrytis Semillon.


Appropriately called Perdiem – a Latin term for “each day’s allowance,” these wines have a young & vibrant personality.
They are crafted to enjoy while young & fresh, whilst their aromatics & fresh fruit characters are at their peak. The premium quality fruit sourced for these wines comes from our own vinyar as well as other Hunter Valley growers, and further afield to districts such as the Hilltops providing a more dynamic character in our mix of varieties and blends.

This range includes:

Pinot Gris

Semi Dry Semillon


As well as other varieties & blends as the seasons allow.