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Our Story

Keith Tulloch is a fourth generation Hunter Valley Winemaker, so the soils of Pokolbin and the wines of the Hunter Valley run deep in his blood. Keith is a qualified Winemaker, a Wine Judge, and Wine Consultant.

Keith Tulloch Wines are hand-made with meticulous care, and epitomise the best qualities of boutique Hunter Valley wine.

Semillon, Chardonnay & our flagship Kester Shiraz show the classic hallmarks of terroir and style. Our Botrytis Semillon is harvested from naturally occurring Botrytis, and is made with exacting winemaking techniques.


1838 - 1895 Emigration

1838James Tulloch, from the region of Moray-Speyside in Northern Scotland, emigrates and settles to live in Camberwell, 15 km NW of Singleton in the Hunter Valley. (James’s hometown Tulloch, is a small hamlet between the towns of Forres and Elgin, facing the North Sea).

1895James’s grandson (and Keith’s great grandfather) John Younie Tulloch takes ownership of a parcel of vineyard in Pokolbin and begins winemaking, producing his first 300 litre barrel of Shiraz wine.

1960 - 1970 The most recognized Hunter wine brand in Sydney. Mount View Estate established.

After two generations of industry and growth, and with the involvement of 25 family shareholders, the Tulloch family controls the greatest vineyard area of any winemaking family in the Hunter Valley. At this time Tulloch is regarded as the most recognised Hunter wine brand in Sydney.

1969The Tulloch company is sold after the death of James Tulloch, Keith’s grandfather.

1970Keith’s father, Harry Tulloch, develops his own Estate at Mount View. This Estate provided Keith’s grounding in viticulture & winemaking.

1980 - 1990 Keith’s gains experience in the wine industry

1982Keith, following in his father’s footsteps, completes his Wine Science Degree at Roseworthy College.

1989Keith accepts the role as Winery Manager / Assistant winemaker for Hungerford Hill, Pokolbin. Later that year Hungerford Hill is taken over by SA Brewing, owners of Seppelts.

1990SA Brewing takes over the Penfold Wine Group, and becomes Southcorp. Keith transfers within the Company from Seppelt /Hungerford Hill to Lindeman’s Hunter River Winery as Winemaker, but also continues winemaking involvement for Seppelts in sparkling wine production at Tumbarumba and Great Western.

1991 - 2000 Vintage in Europe, Keith Tulloch Wine established

1992Keith leaves the Southcorp group and joins The Rothbury Estate as red Winemaker, under the mentorship of Len Evans.

During this time Keith judges in Capital city wine shows (Royal Hobart, Royal Sydney, and National Wine Show Canberra) and the Hunter Valley Wine Show.

1993Keith works Vintage with Paul Jaboulet Aine in Hermitage, Rhone Valley, France for 2 months, also spending time with Guigal in Cote Rotie. This gives Keith the opportunity to study two of the world’s greatest shiraz winemakers, their vineyard and winemaking practices. This international winemaking experience strongly influences his winemaking techniques and wine style.

1994Keith is promoted to Chief Winemaker at The Rothbury Estate, whilst also assisting his father Harry at the family’s winery Mount View Estate.

1997In a hostile takeover Foster’s acquires The Rothbury Estate, and Rothbury’s winemaking team is disbanded.

1997Keith and his wife Amanda Pitsch form a new company, bringing together “Keith Tulloch Wine” and “Amanda Pitsch Interiors” to form “Tulloch & Pitsch Consultants”.

1998Keith Tulloch Wine leases the Hunter Ridge Winery, Hermitage Road, and begins production.

2000The first wines are marketed into Sydney under the Keith Tulloch Wine banner. Keith Tulloch Wine achieves 5-Star status with James Halliday’s Wine Companion in its first year.

2001 - 2010 International distribution; Cellar Door opens; vineyards purchase; construction of new winery

2002Establishes market into UK and Canadian Province of British Columbia.

2004Keith Tulloch Wine opens Cellar-door sales at the Hunter Ridge Winery, Pokolbin.

2004Establishes market into Sweden and Singapore.

2006Establishes market into USA and the Canadian Province of Alberta.

2007Purchases the Paradise Vineyard, an ideally sited parcel of old dry-farmed vineyard, adjacent to the Hunter Ridge winery. This 33 acre property was established in 1969, planted principally to Semillon and Shiraz. Keith and Amanda re-name the vineyard “Field of Mars”.

2007Keith and his father Harry begin rejuvenating the vineyard, with improved trellising and vine management. In the process, Harry discovers that one block of Semillon (planted in 1970) is actually Chardonnay, making it one of the oldest original plantings of this variety in Pokolbin. Harry also oversees the grafting of a portion of the Mars Shiraz vineyard over to Viognier.

2010Establishes market into Hong Kong and the Canadian Province of Ontario.

In August 2010 construction begins on the new Winery on the corner of Hermiatge & Deasys Roads.

Keith’s father Harry discovers that the Semillon vineyard contains a small percentage of “rouge” vines that are actually Marsanne, a premium white winemaking variety from the Rhone Valley in France. In the following vintage (2011) the first Marsanne wine is harvested and bottled.

2011 New Winery, Cellar Door, Restaurant & Apartment open

2011 The winery is completed, equipped, commissioned, and ready for processing by January 13th 2011, just 3 days before the 2011 Vintage harvest.

After a building “hiatus” for vintage, construction re-commences in May 2011, with the new Cellar-Door / Admin building and Restaurant / Apartment complex, completed by September 2011.

The new Keith Tulloch Wine development opens its doors to the public for the first time on 10th September.

Muse Kitchen opens its doors to the public in early October.

The Manager’s Quarters become available for short term accommodation to Club Members and their guests.


The Team

Keith Tulloch (Winemaker/Managing Director)

Keith Tulloch is a fourth generation Hunter Valley Winemaker and Consultant Winemaker. His years of experience include chief winemaking roles at Hungerford Hill, Seppelts, Lindemans, The Rothbury Estate & Mount View Estate.   

Keith has spent time working in wineries in North Rhone in France & is a well-regarded National & International Wine Judge.

Amanda Tulloch (General Manager/Export Officer/Director)

Amanda is Keith’s wife and has been involved with Keith Tulloch Wine since the beginning. In 2003 she took on the encompassing, everyday management of the business as General Manager and Export Officer. Her responsibilities extend to stock control and accounts. With a background in interior design, she delights in sculpting the brand image through the Estate & its presentation, brochures and label design.

Harry Tulloch (Viticulturist)

Harry, Keith's father, has an active interest in the vineyard and general operations of the business. He and his wife Ann established Mount View Estate vineyard and winery in 1970, and retired from the industry in 2000. Harry is a Roseworthy graduate and Davis University scholar; he has an honorary doctorate and over 50 years’ experience in the industry as a winemaker and highly respected viticulturist.

Brendan Kaczorowski (Production Winemaker)

Brendan Kaczorowski or 'Kaz' joined us as Keith’s assistant winemaker in 2015. His winemaking CV boasts impressive experience in France (Alsace, Burgundy), North America (Canada), and Australia (Hunter Valley, Margret River); charged with a devotion to making honest and expressive wine, respect for the vineyards and regional character is paramount. His variety of winemaking experience has given Kaz the tools to approach every part of winemaking with promise, style and a very healthy scoop of enthusiasm. “Here’s to grapes, and all their glory” is his signature battlecry, often heard in the winery, vineyard or around the lunch table.

Alisdair Tulloch (Marketing Manager)

Fifth-generation wine guy Alisdair Tulloch is Keith and Amanda’s son, and our winery jack of all trades. Currently studying Wine Science at CSU, Alisdair aims to be a winemaker like so many Tullochs before him; he earnestly works with Keith and Kaz as a cellar hand to learn more about the industry, while having an active role as Marketing & Communications manager. If you follow the winery on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you will see what kind of action he, Keith and the winery team are up to daily.

Emma-Jane Pitsch (Wine Club Manager)

Keith and Amanda’s niece Emma-Jane has an immense passion for wine, particularly Chardonnay, and started working at the vineyard in 2011. A talented artist and photographer in her own right, she has taken many of the brilliant images that you see around the winery, on the website and social media pages. As full-time manager of the wine club, she has an extended family that includes all those ‘Vinum Cellarium’ members; her bubbly excitement each time she helps one of these members is absolutely infectious. She is also a great sport in the face of relentless pranks from Keith and the winery team.

Jacob Wiseman (Vineyard & Winery Assistant)

Jacob Wiseman is at home in the vineyard helping Dr Harry Tulloch, whilst also being a very useful cellar hand in the winery. Whilst studying wine science at CSU, Jacob has experienced working for First Creek in the Hunter, as well as vintage work in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. In 2016 he was awarded the Trevor Drayton Scholarship, funding harvest experience in Burgundy, France. Jake’s tendency to play Tame Impala on the winery PA endears him to the KTW crew and guests alike.

Cameron Davies (Cellar Door Manager)

Cameron Davies is our Cellar Door Manager, and will likely greet you on arrival to the vineyard’s tasting rooms. Having worked in the local industry for more than 10 years, Cameron has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what Hunter Valley and Australian wine is all about. Much more than having a great understanding of wine, Cameron is the first to be hands-on in the winery and vineyard when not in the tasting room; his appreciation of technical winemaking and the character of our vineyard’s is very much built from personal experience. He undisputedly provides the best team lunches (with more than a little help from wife Sharlain).

Kellie Dorward (Administration)

Kellie Dorward joined our office in 2015 working firstly in the Cellar Door, then taking an administrative role, as well as being a great help with the wine club. Kellie is a great organiser, previously working as a maintenance planner for Westrac; this shows in her commitment to keeping Keith and the team on course! Born and raised in Jindabyne, Kellie likes visiting the family (and the snow of course) when she has time away from the winery.

Guy Rayner (Cellar Door)

This is Guy's first role in Cellar Door & he's fitted in with no trouble at all. Guy is a local with great Hunter Valley knowledge; he's worked in the area in hotels & restaurants & has a great interest in increasing his local wine repertoire.

Alison Cameron (Cellar Door)

Alison has lived and worked in the Hunter Valley for over 20 years, and for the past 10 years worked at Windsor’s Edge cellar door. Her local vineyard & wine knowledge is extensive.

Nigel Pitsch (New Product Taster)

Nigel, Amanda’s brother, delights in his position as "new product taster" over the past 10 years. He has a broad knowledge of all things wine, and a deep love of the Hunter Valley vineyard area. You'll see Nigel at our off-site events and promotions, or assisting at cellar door.