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Wine Varieties


Although Semillon's original home was in the Bordeaux area of France, where it makes the most delicious sweet white wines called "Sauternes", it has also found another place of quality perfection in the Hunter Valley, where it makes the finest, most age-worthy, dry white wine in the world.

At Keith Tulloch Wine we make two wines in this classic Hunter Valley dry style: the "Estate" Semillon, and the "Field of Mars". The "Estate" is produced each Vintage, while the "Field of Mars" - selected from special sub-blocks of the Estate vineyard - is made only in the best of Vintage conditions.

We also make the original "Sauternes" sweet white wine, named "Botrytis Semillon" after the noble mould "Botrytis Cinerea" that infects the grapes to make this luscious style.

Between the dry and the sweet Keith Tulloch Wine also makes a "Semi-Dry" Semillon, which is more of a Germanic "off-dry" style, with residual sugar balanced perfectly with bright acidity.  


Chardonnay is a versatile white grape variety, the most widely planted in the world. We produce three wines, in three styles, which speak clearly of their vineyard and climatic conditions. The Field of Mars, from our Hunter Valley vineyard estate is the highest tier, showcasing power and complexity; Gairn Chardonnay is sourced from Tumbarumba, the most southern grape growing region in New South Wales, at 750m its signature is refinement; this contrasts with the classic regional warmer characters of our Hunter Valley Chardonnay.

Pinot Gris

The names Gris & Grigio both mean grey in French & Italian respectively.

Pinot Gris is a slightly richer, fuller-bodied, softer white wine made from riper grapes and often with a touch of sweetness, based on the classic pinot gris of Alsace, France. We produce a Pinot Gris under our Per diem Range, which is typical of this style, showing flavour and balance.The fruit is suited to the growing conditions in cooler climate areas, such as the Hilltops in New South Wales, where the longer slower ripening, ensures the best fruit expression. 



Shiraz is one of the greatest red grape varieties of France, with its home and history in the Northern Rhone Valley.

This variety has found great acceptance and success in Australia, becoming the most significantly planted red variety. It was planted first in the Hunter Valley in 1823, and has become internationally reknown for producing profound red wines, which are concentrated yet medium bodied in style with fine tannin and remarkable longevity.

We produce Shiraz in this classic Hunter style, under the “Field of Mars”, “The Kester” & "The Doctor" labels. These wines are from our oldest vineyards, with vines exceeding 80 years of age, giving the most richly balanced wines with the best potential for cellaring.

We also co-ferment Shiraz and Viognier to produce a finer, more perfumed and velvety style, with soft co-fermented tannins and younger drinking balance. These include the "Hunter Valley Shiraz" & "The Wife".

New to our Shiraz stable is the Individual "Tawarri Shiraz". This wine comes from the upper most reaches of the Hunter Valley (550m above sea level), not far from Merriwa; this results in a silky, elegant cold climate shiraz.

The Hunter produces excellent Rosé; part of our Shiraz goes through the saigneè process to a produce fine, savoury style for young drinking.

Cabernet Blend

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from the Hilltops area of New South Wales, where it thrives due to the cooler climate, higher altitude, and a longer growing season. This is the backbone of our Forres Blend, produced as a brightly aromatic and finely structured wine, with classic Cabernet signatures. In order to produce this classic Bordeaux blend we source Merlot and Petit Verdot  from premium vineyards, to give complete balance and harmony.