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Our Team

We are lucky to have such enthusiasm for our craft in the Hunter Valley.

Not only do Keith, Amanda and the whole Tulloch family live and breathe the wine, but at Keith Tulloch Wine we have a group of people who make every day a joy and every wine a great experience. 



Keith & Amanda Tulloch

Keith and Amanda founded Keith Tulloch wine in 1997, with miniscule production of only 250 dozen. James Halliday’s first sample of their wine prompted the statement “I cannot remember being more impressed with an initial release of wines than those”. These wines had been made in a style learnt firsthand from great houses of the Rhône Valley; particularly in Hermitage and Cote Rôtie.

Keith himself is a fourth-generation Hunter Valley winemaker of the Tulloch dynasty, a family that can trace winemaking heritage across three centuries. Having roots planted solidly in the local area, Keith attended Roseworthy Collage’s prestigious school of winemaking in South Australia before returning to hone his craft locally at Mount View Estate, Hungerford Hill, Lindeman’s and Rothbury Estate.

It was after returning from the Rhône in 1996 that Keith and Amanda decided that together they would make wine in a way that truly reflected the traditional methods of great French wines, as well as capturing the essence and character of the local Hunter Valley.

Dr Harry Tulloch

Keith’s father Harry has been practicing viticulture for seventy years, having worked in the Tulloch family vineyards during WWII from the age of ten. A highly recognised viticulturalist and winemaker in his own right; at eighty years old he is still tending the vines almost every day here at the estate. Harry is currently overseeing a replanting project that will see us transform our Chardonnay blocks to a world-class vineyard.

Emma-Jane Pitsch

Emma-Jane is Keith & Amanda’s niece, and dedicated manager for our wine club; the consistent contact for members to talk to about their wine needs and events. Emma is also a professional artist and photographer, who skilfully captures our magic moments here at the estate.

Jessica & Alisdair Tulloch

The fifth generation of the Tulloch wine family, son and daughter of Keith & Amanda. Both Jessica and Alisdair have spent considerable time in the winery, vineyard and cellar door, as well as experience in the industry across the Hunter Valley. Jessica is our contact for members and events in Melbourne, meanwhile Alisdair is the marketing and communications manager, also working with Keith and Joel the winery during vintage.